Virginia Tech Webmail


In-house developed forum software to support internal development groups.

· User Interface Design
· HTML and CSS Coding
· Cross-platform and Cross-browser support
· Usability Testing

· Has skinning ablities to match My VT look and feel

xmlforums_01_a 1) Initial page showing available forums, public or private depending on user permissions.
xmlforums_02_a 2) A tread listing with a specific forum.
xmlforums_03_a 3) A view of a tread's message and available replies.
xmlforums_04_a 4) Page for creating a new thread.
xmlforums_05_a 5) Page for replying to a thread.
xmlforums_06_a 6) Administration page for a specific forum showing available options.
xmlforums_07_a 7) Global administration page showing options.
xmlforums_08_a 8) Moderation page showing messages to be edited or posted.