Virginia Tech Webmail

Restricted Access

Virginia Tech's webmail system based on Infinite Mobile Delivery.

The initial goal of this project was to delivery HTML templates for the webmail system with and increased level of accessibility and usability. Successful completion meant templates with download times and file sizes equal to or less than those of the default templates.

These templates are given as the default template for each user.

· User Interface Design
· HTML and CSS Coding
· Cross-platform and Cross-browser support
· Usability Testing

· Matching My VT look and feel

1) Welcome / Login page.
2) Initial view after login. List of available email messages, read and unread.
3) Page showing view of email message.
4) Page showing the creation of a new message. A message is being replied to in this instance.
5) Page showing the webmail system's address book.
6) Page showing the spell check feature.