authPortal is the Single Sign On framework used for some web applications at Virginia Tech. The portal currently uses authPortal version 3 in order to transparently log users into such services as Filebox and Webmail without requiring them to re-enter their credentials.

In addition to the currently deployed version of authPortal, a new version of authPortal, version 3, is being constructed as a proof-of-concept for many WebISO requirements. This version of authPortal incorporates new features like the ability to use varying forms of authentication, other than a user id and password, and integrate with other Internet2 projects such as Shibboleth.

· User Interface Design
· HTML and CSS Coding
· Cross-platform and Cross-browser support

· Template design for use among multiple Universities.
· Support of uPortal skins (color only).

1) Standard Log In screen.
2) User Services view.
3) Authportal Manager Interface: Main screen.
4) Authportal Manager Interface: Add new services.
5) Authportal Manager Interface: Edit available services.
6) Authportal Manager Interface: Add new realm.
7) Authportal Manager Interface: Edit available realms.