If you've "received spam or a virus from imaputz.com"...

... please be advised that imaputz.com is currently the victim of a "joe job" attack: some spam company is sending out spam and illegally using imaputz.com in the return address. If you check the headers carefully (or show them to your local mail guru), you'll see that the spam actually came from someplace else. If a web site is advertised in the body of the message, it isn't imaputz.com.

In fact, if you investigate this spam in more detail, you'll probably find that the IP address that the spam came from doesn't belong to the spammer either: it belongs to some average joe whose machine got used by the spammer.

We do not send spam messages; in fact, we don't sell products of any kind. This is a personal web site, and a lame one at that, you'll only find parody and educational stuff here.

The bottom line is this: we don't spam. We don't condone spam. You didn't get spam from us.

Don't buy products from spammers, ever!

Please don't email us about this. We're getting 200-300 "undeliverable" messages a day about this. Thanks!

Terence Ordona
Webmaster, imaputz.com